9” Round Jet Black Series Driving Lights (Pair) - Edgeless Pro 9R - N9REME

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Jet Black Series 9” Round ECE/EMARK Driving Lights (Pair)


Street Legal Driving Lights*
NightRider LEDS – NightDriver Series – ECE Certified Auxiliary & Daytime Running Light
Installation Guide
Name Edgeless Pro 9R
Part # N9REME
Size 9" Round Driving Light (Pair)
Watts 170W (per light)
Lumens 17,000lm (per light)
IP Rating IP69K
Beam ECE R112 Certified Auxiliary Beam
ECE R7 Certified Daytime Running Lights
LED Chip Type 5W OSRAM
LEDS 34 (per light)
Dimensions 87mm D x 238mm L x 249mm H
Operating Voltage Range 10-30V DC
AMP Draw @ 12 V 13.04A (per light)
LED Life 30,000 hrs +
The Jet Black Series features a sleek new edgeless design to reduce snow and ice build up as well as reduce wind resistance and noise. Hooded dark reflectors reduce glare and direct light exactly to where it’s needed.
Aluminum Casing with Gore Metal Breather Vent
Polycarbonate Protective Lens
Black Powder Coated Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets and Stainless Steel Hardware
Includes Wiring Harness (3-Pin Plug Connectors, Override Switch, 40 Amp Relay, 30 Amp Fuse, Fuse Holder, 20' of wire)
1 Year Warranty
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
*Always check regional rules and regulations regarding the use of auxiliary driving lights for highway use. Northern Light Bars will not be accountable for improper mounting, aiming, wiring or regional restrictions.




Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Spencer Robison (Surrey, CA)

I already had a few 10" light bars on my rig but these blow them away, it's wild how bright these are! Sturdy build quality as well

James Birch (Pemberton, CA)
Could not be happier with my choice!

After a lot of thinking I finally decided on these, and I am very glad I did. First off they were well packaged for shipment which is obviously a huge deal with electronics, the pre-assembled wiring loom and switches are quality and the lights look great. They are easy to fit if you have basic electrical knowledge, you just need to route the wiring from your battery, route the wiring inside the vehicle and mount the switches, then either make a mount (which I did) or drill 6 holes in a bumper or pre-existing bracket for the two lights.

I mounted these on my 30 year old Toyota Hiace, which has normal sealed beam headlights that are actually bright compared to my previous stupid old Toyotas, but as you can imagine these make an enormous difference! I really like how they are not just a focused beam, but instead they actually spill light everywhere but with a focused area. The light brackets have slotted holes in the base and also the sides, which allow you to aim the lights vertically and also horizontally, so you can effectively spread the focused beams.

I like the fact there is a ring-type daytime running light around the outside of each light which is on a separate switch to the main light, this was kind of an added bonus to me, because in reading the original listing I just skimmed past the whole daytime running light part in all honesty!

10/10, would purchase again!

Milan Mitrovic (Calgary, CA)
Absolutely incredible light output!

To start, these lights are extremely well made; all of the hardware and wiring is also very significant, and purpose-built. I have only installed them a couple days ago, but so far through some nasty rain and hot sunny days, they have no condensation or any issues.
In the photos I attached the lights are honestly not aimed well at all, but even then, it's very obvious that their output is insanely good. Will re-aim them slightly higher and re-test in a couple days, and hopefully get around to filming a short YouTube review video, so keep an eye out for that.
Compared to the similarly priced KC Hilites Pro6 LED driving lights, these are far better, and much brighter. Would strongly recommend if you want a nice looking light for the dark backroads.