Choosing a Beam Pattern

Why do Beam Patterns Matter?

When purchasing a LED, it is important to consider the application of the light. The intended use of the light should drive your decision when choosing a beam pattern. It is also important to consider if you will be using the light off-road or on-highway. If you plan to use the light on the highway, then consider a certified street legal beam.

What are Beam Patterns?

Beam patterns are the angle of illumination, or the angular spread of visible light produced by the reflector lens.

Common Beam Patterns

Flood Beam (30° to 180°) – Shines light over a wide area. Great for illuminating work areas.

Combo Beam – A combination of Spot and Flood beams in one light. Great for driving and working (illuminates the ditch and highway while driving).

Spot Beam (5° to 25°) – Shines light farther. Great for driving or spotting.

LED Beam Patterns

What are Street Legal Beams?

Street legal LEDs are either SAE or ECE certified for use on highways. Street legal requirements vary between jurisdictions; however, the key takeaway is that if you plan or want to use your LED light on the highway, ensure that it is certified in your respective province or state to avoid fines.