40" Jet Black Series Double Row High Power LED Light Bar - NJ40

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NightRider LEDS – Jet Black Series – High Power

Part #






IP Rating



Combo Flood and Spot Beam Pattern

LED Chip Type




Colour Temperature

5,700K (Daylight)


67mm D x 1076mm L x 70mm H

Operating Voltage Range

10-30V DC

AMP Draw @ 12 V


LED Life

30,000 hrs +

Lux @ 10M


The Jet Black Series features a sleek new edgeless design to reduce snow and ice build up as well as reduce wind resistance and noise. Hooded dark reflectors reduce glare and direct light exactly to where it’s needed.

High Power Light Bars feature Internal Temperature Control System (TCS) for maximum light output

Narrow Profile for More Mounting Options and Comes With 2 Sets of Mounting Brackets

Includes Dual Mounting System: Black 304 Stainless Steel Side Brackets, Black Powder Coated Sliding Rear Brackets and Stainless Steel Hardware

Includes Black Covers

Includes Wiring Harness (Sealed Plug & Play Deutsch Plug Connector, Override Switch, 40 Amp Relay, 30 Amp Fuse, Fuse Holder, 20' of wire)

Aluminum Casing with Breather Vent

Polycarbonate Protective Lens

1 Year Warranty

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Light Covers Included: Black

Light Covers Available to Purchase: Clear, Amber and Blue (not included)

*Always check regional rules and regulations regarding the use of auxiliary driving lights for highway use. Northern Light Bars will not be accountable for improper mounting, aiming, wiring or regional restrictions.

Customer Reviews

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Ian Garben (Vancouver, CA)
An update after using the light bar for a while

I wanted a tightly focused beam and I got it! After spending some quality (night)time with this light bar I now believe it is actually too tightly focused for off-road/logging road use- it's great for secondary highways and other roads where you can see more than 300m ahead, think 60-80 Kph roads. The light output is amazing and gives great visibility for half a Km or more... wow. I'm now thinking about some other lights that will fill in the sides more for those twisty-turny logging roads where the next 50m around that corner matter more than the next half a Km down the highway. Still very satisfied!

Ian G. (Vancouver, CA)
Great light with a well focused beam pattern

Before buying this light bar I tried 3 different 50”-53” light bars from Amazon that ranged from “really cheap” to about the same price as this one. They were all very disappointing because they didn’t focus their light well and their power ratings were vastly exaggerated. With them, everything up close and to the sides was brightly illuminated but there was very little usable illumination out past 200m.

I emailed Northern Light Bars to seek some more information on two of their 50” light bars; Kyle suggested that this 40” bar would give me the beam pattern that I was looking for. He was right!

This light bar is much more focused than the others I tried and it illuminates much further down the road. The downside (if you can call it that) of a tightly focused beam is that you need to spend a bit more effort aiming and adjusting it to get the illumination where you want it.

The back mount brackets are nice because they allowed me to re-use the mounting holes from my old halogen driving lights. Unfortunately, they have a limited range of adjustment so I had to add some tapered shims to get the aim right. In the end it made for a very solid and clean looking installation.

It came with a premade wiring harness, switch, and relay that is remarkably well made. I didn’t need it for my installation but I wouldn’t hesitate to use if I did. My only suggestion to improve the wiring harness would be to include a signal source wire that could be tapped into the high-beam circuit so the light bar could switch on and off with the high beams.

The service and advise I received from Kyle was top notch, the communications were good and I really like this product. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy again.