32" Jet Black Series Single Row High Power LED Light Bar - NJS32

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NightRider LEDS – Jet Black Series – High Power

Part #






IP Rating



Combo Flood and Spot Beam Pattern

LED Chip Type




Colour Temperature

5,700K (Daylight)


54mm D x 798mm L x 40mm H

Operating Voltage Range

10-30V DC

AMP Draw @ 12 V


LED Life

30,000 hrs +

Lux @ 10M


The Jet Black Series features a sleek new edgeless design to reduce snow and ice build up as well as reduce wind resistance and noise. Hooded dark reflectors reduce glare and direct light exactly to where it’s needed.

High Power Light Bars feature Internal Temperature Control System (TCS) for maximum light output

Narrow Profile for More Mounting Options and Comes With 2 Sets of Mounting Brackets

Includes Dual Mounting System: Black 304 Stainless Steel Side Brackets, Black Powder Coated Sliding Rear Brackets and Stainless Steel Hardware

Includes Black Covers

Includes Wiring Harness (Sealed Plug & Play Deutsch Plug Connector, Override Switch, 40 Amp Relay, 30 Amp Fuse, Fuse Holder, 20' of wire)

Aluminum Casing with Breather Vent

Polycarbonate Protective Lens

1 Year Warranty

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Light Covers Included: Black

Light Covers Available to Purchase: Clear, Amber and Blue (not included)

*Always check regional rules and regulations regarding the use of auxiliary driving lights for highway use. Northern Light Bars will not be accountable for improper mounting, aiming, wiring or regional restrictions.

Customer Reviews

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Matt Dore (Alliston, CA)
Great service and Great product

I waited to create my review for this as I really didn't have a chance to try the light bar out over the summer and hate those "5 stars, looks good, can't wait to try it!" type reviews.

First off the customer support was great. Kyle took the time to help me select the correct light bar for my needs and second after I messed up the shipping address they quickly re-sent me my light bar at no extra cost! It was really appreciated.

This bar went on a 2015 Tundra in the front bumper grill vent (not the radiator grill area, the vent in the metal bumper, fit perfect). The light bar is really well made and all the included hardware appears well made (brackets, harness and relay). Love the two options for mounting. Mounted and secured as easy as any other light bar I have tried.

I originally had a 32" double row light bar from a well reviewed Amazon brand. It had lots of LED's, looked good and had big lumen numbers. However it was cheap, and though I had no quality issues, the light output was underwhelming and sort of all over. Kyle helped me select this light bar and even though it has half the LED's the housing design, LED brand and wattage all made for a MUCH better light output!

This bar throws a really well controlled beam several hundred yards. It really creates a usable hot spot / area and lights up the road beautifully without throwing light all over the place. It really demonstrates the importance of the quality of the LED's and the optics / housing in the light bar.

The black LED base, which reflects black in the optics, makes this a stealthy bar if that's important to you? All I know is it looks cool and not obnoxious.

I was worried about going with a relatively un-known brand that was triple the price of the Amazon bars but also much more reasonably priced then the big name company bars. I can say that so far this bar has met my expectations and is well worth the money. If I could fit and afford the bigger bar I don't know if I honestly would need it after seeing how well this single row does (who am I kidding, more light is always better!!)