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7" Round Light Covers - Fit N4330D
Mike Emblau (Vancouver, CA)

Work great perfect fit

Haven’t used yet have to finish wiring this weekend

Missing pieces of rear mounting brackets

Very good

Excellent light range and width. Easy to install and looks cute.

Great spot light!

Have these on my logging truck and Toyota pickup. The side shooter aspect does ok, mostly drowned out by the Nightrider LED headlights. The amazing part is the long distance spot beam these have. They keep a tight beam a couple km out with little scatter. They are small, but don't let that fool you. They have serious range and illumination.

Extremely Robust

Dropped this flashlight off a scissor lift about 20 feet up, fell out of my pocket and hit so hard that it bent the little tabs sticking off the back for a lanyard, but 1 year later it still works just like it was new.

Works great

Amazing Product with Great Price Point!

We are extremely happy with the purchase of this 13" light bar. We live in the country and mounted it on our sons car and the illumination it gives off for a 13" light bar is impressive! It lights us the ditches and is great quality for a very reasonable price! Shipping was super quick too!

Looks great and super bright

Very happy with how it came together on the bronco

4x6 SAE/DOT High Beam Replacement Headlight - NRH46HB

Good looking, insanely bright

This thing throws an unbelievable spotlight. Pretty nutty value for the money.

Absolutely Amazing Product and Service

I looked at a number of companies for light bars for my vehicle, wanting a heated light bar is something hard to come by, and Northern Lights and their staff where very helpful to me to make my decision. I was hesitant to buy due to the border issues, but it was an absolutely amazing transaction, Kyle was very thoughtful and thorough explaining the process. Keep up the great work and product designs.

Security Bolt Kit - NMSBK1
Clay from the Backwoods (Toronto, CA)
Great light bar

Picked one up for my SUV as I drive lots at night in rural Northern BC Canada & let me tell you this light bar lights up the night like daylight. I can see everything and beyond! ..I would highly recommend Northern Lights & the 40 curved light bar 😊

9" Round ECE OSRAM LED Driving Lights (Pair) - N9REM
Justin Bechtel (Prince George, CA)
They have paid for themselves already

I purchased these lights and installed them on my old truck, the headlights on it are not that great and I live in the middle of no where so being able to see what is in front of me is very important.

Within the first week or so of installing and using these lights I was able to spot and slow down for 3 moose, 2 cows and 1 bull, as well as multiple deer, the instances with the moose are what made these lights pay for themselves, I was able to see the moose walk out into the road and slowed down enough to let them cross, if I did not have these lights I would have came close to, or hitting them.

I am very happy with the build quality of these lights, my only (cosmetic) gripe is that the Halo around the edge of the light cant be turned amber simple because I think it would be cool to be able to connect the amber halo to my turn signals and marker lights, but that has nothing to do with the overall usage of what these lights are built and designed for: lots of light out the front of your vehicle. YouTube video placeholder
Great Compact Lights!

I bought this light as well as the Spot pattern version for my wife’s Polaris Ace to go on the front bumper and I am super happy! We went for a few night rides and the amount of light for a couple of compact pods is amazing and the quality is great! I can’t wait to setup my ATV now with some lights from Northern!

5" Square Flood Beam CREE LED Light - N2745F


I already had a few 10" light bars on my rig but these blow them away, it's wild how bright these are! Sturdy build quality as well

Excellent illumination

There’s no better place to buy lights.
I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with them since I started buying lights.

Very happy!

I mounted this under the headlight on my motorcycle. I wanted something that would match the blacked out aesthetic of my bike and it turned out great! Simple mounting hardware and the light output is perfect.

Fit Perfectly

Covers fit exactly as they should and allow perfect amount of light through (I ordered amber covers). Wish they had a storage bag of some kind when ordering 2 or more. Kinda difficult to store when not in use.

Very good products

Great product

Definitely nice

Haven’t got the mounts for the truck yet they in the mail but tried them the other day think it will be a great edition the the sierra. Awesome customer service got all my ATV lights from Kyle.

Bright led bar

Highly recommended

Plenty of light to go around

Living in northern B.C I really appreciate good lights. I had some generic LED lights on my pickup as backup lights but I had to replace them almost every year as mounting brackets cracked, they ended up with water inside or just weren't very bright. I finally picked up a set of these and wow, am I impressed. Solid mounting, wide range of adjustability, and very very bright. I am hoping these are the last backup lights I will need to buy for years to come.

Light covers

These orange light covers cut snow and fog awesome and with the power of the 9 inch Nightriders, you can still get almost full effect from the lights in bad weather.

NightFire™ 900 Lumen LED Flashlight Kit - NF900
Stuart Kruse (Tumbler Ridge, CA)
NightFire 900

These are excelent flashlights, This was a replacement for one that I have used for at least 7 years trouble free, The Battery finaly had to be replaced