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20” single row

Light bar showed up within a week and works awesome !

7" Round Light Covers -Fit N2480 & N2448EM
Nicholas Keng (Woodbridge, US)
Round Covers

Fitment does fit the Ironman 4x4 7” rounds perfectly. Thank you for the quick shipment as Ironman was completely sold out.

3" High Powered Cube Flood Beam - N1230F
Eric Morneau (Langley, CA)
Great product

Using these on my ATV for facing back like all the other lights from Kyle they are great 👍🏾

Great service and Great product

I waited to create my review for this as I really didn't have a chance to try the light bar out over the summer and hate those "5 stars, looks good, can't wait to try it!" type reviews.

First off the customer support was great. Kyle took the time to help me select the correct light bar for my needs and second after I messed up the shipping address they quickly re-sent me my light bar at no extra cost! It was really appreciated.

This bar went on a 2015 Tundra in the front bumper grill vent (not the radiator grill area, the vent in the metal bumper, fit perfect). The light bar is really well made and all the included hardware appears well made (brackets, harness and relay). Love the two options for mounting. Mounted and secured as easy as any other light bar I have tried.

I originally had a 32" double row light bar from a well reviewed Amazon brand. It had lots of LED's, looked good and had big lumen numbers. However it was cheap, and though I had no quality issues, the light output was underwhelming and sort of all over. Kyle helped me select this light bar and even though it has half the LED's the housing design, LED brand and wattage all made for a MUCH better light output!

This bar throws a really well controlled beam several hundred yards. It really creates a usable hot spot / area and lights up the road beautifully without throwing light all over the place. It really demonstrates the importance of the quality of the LED's and the optics / housing in the light bar.

The black LED base, which reflects black in the optics, makes this a stealthy bar if that's important to you? All I know is it looks cool and not obnoxious.

I was worried about going with a relatively un-known brand that was triple the price of the Amazon bars but also much more reasonably priced then the big name company bars. I can say that so far this bar has met my expectations and is well worth the money. If I could fit and afford the bigger bar I don't know if I honestly would need it after seeing how well this single row does (who am I kidding, more light is always better!!)

Aesthetic and fuctional

Communication and shipping A++. Beautiful light bar. This one fits the radius of the mesh grille on my 15 Sierra, looks stunning, and lights up those early morning back road drives to work

Hi Kyle , I don’t have them mounted far enough out of my bumper so not getting the full effects from them.

Night to Day!

I have waited a month to write this, because I wanted to get some real darkness to test them “properly”. Test was conclusive… these lights are bright!!!

The main reason for me getting these lights was to be able to see wildlife when driving.

I can see deer on the road, beside the road and even out in the fields beside the roads. One thing is to see deer that are moving or their eyes reflecting the lights, but with these lights I’ve been able to see deer standing still with their backs to me. Incredible!

In all transparency, I will mention that one of the lights had a few LED’s that were not working. When I told Kyle about it, it was dealt with in an incredibly professional and courteous manner! I had a replacement literally the next day! Awesome customer service!

Thanks for giving me daytime night vision on the dark BC roads!

Black Series NJ30

Excellent quality, exactly what I was looking for. Would definitely buy again.
Installed behind the grill of a 2020 GMC HD

Dual Deutsch Wiring Harness Kit - NWH2
Eric Morneau (Langley, CA)
They good

Work as expected. Like all the other products from Kyle 👍🏾👍🏾

Still never received it

Awesome product

It was everything I had hoped. Great product and really good and personal service from the company

Good output!

This kit is well made with good mounting options. The hardest part of the install was finding a way into the cabin, firewalls used to be so much easier to get through! I have the bar hidden behind a grill and it is putting out tons of light. Very happy!

20" Double Row Light Bar Cover Kits
James Smith (Prince George, CA)
Light bars and pods

Awesome lights and the amber covers work perfect for those foggy mornings

Really Clean

Jet Black series has a super clean aesthetic, and rear mount track works awesome for flush mounting

20" Double Row Light Bar Cover Kits
Robin Huntingford (Williams Lake, CA)

Haven’t had them long enough to rate but they are nice and clear and don’t hinder the light bar at all.

Amazing product and customer service!

This is my first experience where I was able to get through to the seller, and I was taken by surprise! Kyle worked alongside me to find the best product for the placement in mind. I will definitely be purchasing from this brand again and look forward to speaking with Kyle again! Thanks!!

20” curved single row light bar

Light bar seems to be quality and working good, wiring harness was of good quality and nice length

Awesome lights

They work awesome and were easy to install.


Awesome driving in dark

Lights up very well

Great product

I put these spot lights on my 2018 1825 kingfisher and it lights up the light

3" High Powered Cube Spot Beam - N1230S
Mikel S. (White Rock, CA)
Excellent ditch lights

Great output the pair of them actually put out more light than the 20 inch light bar I got from Amazon. Solid well built construction small enough that they don't stand out too much while still being very usable. The black covers fit perfectly over the housing keeping bugs off of the lenses when driving during the day.

Single Deutsch Wiring Harness Kit - NWH1
Riley Crosby (Coquitlam, CA)
Good quality, easy install

Not much to say, good quality harness with everything needed to install whatever compatible lights you bought. Just find power and ground sources and youre done!

Great Product for Cheap

I use two of these units in the front bumper of my 4runner as fog lights, and they're fantastic. Perfect for anybody looking for fog lights or could be used for other applications just as easily. These replaced some Amazon units that coated about $40 less, but these are far superior quality. From the LED chips inside, to the housing and integrated heatsink size, to the integrated pigtail connector, it's all high grade stuff.

Would be hard pressed to find a better light in this price range.


Have this bar with the light pods for the front of my ATV so happy with the set up no lack of light here. Definitely awesome service from Kyle 👍🏾

The flashlights are very handy and w9rk well.
I usually buy them at Finning until i found this site
I have several that i cant use becsuse the bulbs are not working.
Can i buy the bulbs seperatly.
I think i have 5 or 6 lights bulbs gine