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Was a great flashlight while it lasted. Really though it was going to last a lot longer.. it made it 6 months past the end of the warranty.. A little expensive for a flashlight that dies after only 18 months of occasional use.

It is great. Good quality

Great kit. Easy to install

And heat runs through it.

Really bright and nothing is going to dim it. My old plow lights aren’t very bright but when I go into a driveway to plow it’s like daylight now!!!!!

Way brighter than I thought!

I bought these to use as an everyday driving light. They are amazing. But way to bright to use on city streets….so on the hunt for something else.

Dual Deutsch Wiring Harness Kit - NWH2
Richard Dick (Kelowna, CA)
Harness Failure

Wiring harness wrong ends from factory would NOT plug into lights

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the review, unfortunately we got a batch of NHI120S lights without the integrated Deutsch style plug, the plug type on the NHI120S that you received was slightly different. Thankfully the NHI120S came with a wire lead to splice into the NWH2 harness. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

3" High Powered Cube Spot Beam - N1230S
Dennis Bearinger (Listowel, CA)
Bright little lights !!!!

Bright little lights !!!! Definitely a fan of Northern light bars !

High quality mounts

I needed to find mounts that would work with my 27.33” Hiviz LED bar. These worked excellent with 1/2” spacers that I incorporated. THANKS!

3.5"x4" Cube Light (Side Shooter) Covers
James Sanders (Phoenix, US)
Fast delivery

Fit side lights great and love the night rider theme. Thank you all

Didn’t fit a 20 inch bar

Terrible fit and finish ended up being 2 inches short . Had to jimmy rig it to make it fit

Hi Spencer,

Thanks for the review and sorry to hear the fit didn’t work easily for you. The mount is designed to work with NightRider LEDS Light Bars N2120, N2120EM and NXS20 specifically.

Great light bar

I use this light bar as a back up light, area light & work light for doing repairs on my tail gate. It does these jobs very well. The light however did not come with the low profile angle brackets and I had to make my own.

Hi Jon,

Thanks for the review, sorry to hear the light didn’t have the low profile mounting hardware in the package, please let us know if you want a set mailed out to you. Send us an email at and we will get a set out to you asap.

3" Cube SAE/DOT LED Fog Light Kit - NSF01
Kristina Knaggs (Schenectady, US)
Gift for Christmas

My son was very happy to receive as a gift. He picked them out and put them on his wish list .
It’s been too cold to install on his truck .
He would be the one to write a review.

Great product and excellent support.

Product is top quality. When I received it, it didn’t have instructions but a quick call to Northern Light clarified my questions. Everything that was needed was included in the kit which was top notch. Two small things to watch out for: The switch that came with the kit was AC rated, not DC. This was not a big deal as I had a switch that matched the dash panel better. Second was that some of the screws holding on the light bar lens were a little loose. A quick tightening corrected that. Overall, no complaints… great product. Cheers

12" led

Nice and bright....
Perfect wiring system with switch


Hi Kyle
Just installed them this afternoon. They are excellent. Compared to the stock bulbs they make a huge difference .
Love them

5" Square Spot Beam CREE LED Light - N2290S
Nicolae Berbec (Medicine Hat, CA)

5" Square Spot Beam CREE LED Light - N2290S

3.5"x4" Cube ECE OSRAM Side Shooter LED Driving Light (Double Shot) - N6930EM-2

Dual Deutsch Wiring Harness Kit - NWH2
Richard Staley (Whitehorse, CA)
Ditch light wiring harness

It’s amazing came super fast and was cheaper than other places up north here where I live

It’s all you need. Very bright and compact

Exceptionally bright and very thin. Fits

newer ford super duty grill or bumper very well

Excellent lighting

Great light for night driving. Not great on duration of performance here . A year and a half old with maybe 30 hours of use and it quit working. Not overly impressed considering the cost

Hi Brad, thanks for leaving a review. We have reached out to gather some additional details about your light bar.

NightFire 500C Headlamp - NFH500C
Eric Morneau (Langley, CA)

As expected and great customer service why I keep coming back 🤘🏾

10" jet black single row

Nice output for size, seems well-built, great heavy wiring harness. Combo Beam ok, would be great if two were used. Perhaps a dual beam would be slightly nicer.

Very bright!

For only being 13” this little light bar is extremely bright, and the tech seems pretty cool, you get way way more of a defined beam with this light then I did with my last light bar. The dual mounting system is awesome, makes it super easy! Same with the plug and play wiring harness. 10/10 would recommend

Very bright.

I put 2 of these on the cab of my self loader. Now I can actually see the logs I'm loading. Not really any beam or focus point, just bright, everywhere.
The mounting bracket is also very sturdy.
The only downside I can think of is at a height above 20 feet, the scatter is wide enough they start to loose some effectiveness.
Would love to see covers for these so the lenses don't get scratched cleaning them.

Great light

As always great customer service and prompt delivery thanks again 🤟🏾

Value well added

Just tested this bar tonight and real happy with it. It’s not the absolute brightest out there (given it’s ece rated) but perfectly compliments the high beams of my 2022 chev 2500 LTZ leds. For the price you absolutely cannot go wrong here!!