Introducing the Jetblack series:  NightRider LED’s Latest Innovation

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Introducing the Jetblack series: NightRider LED’s Latest Innovation

NightRider LEDS has recently introduced a new member to the Northern Light Bars roster. Introducing: the Jet Black Series. This collection balances good looks with high-powered features and a slick, minimal design. 

Here are some of the features we are most excited about. 

NightRider LED’s Jet Black Light Bar Features

The minimal design of these Night Rider lights is not just for show. 

These low-profile bars are easy to install in tight situations, especially the ultra-slim single row bars, which measure at 47mm in height (mount included), a full 7.5mm slimmer than the NightRider Single Row Extreme Series.

The mounting system comes with both sliding rear mount and black stainless steel side mount options, and a Deutsch style plug. This ease-of-use helps to get you on the road faster, and the collection boasts several other features that you will notice on your first ride. 

Hooded Reflectors

Most LED chips on light bars are placed in the middle of the bulb. In the Jet Black Series, LED chips can be found on the top (and/or) bottom, and reflectors “bundle” and redirect this light out of the unit. Night Rider’s website has a great illustration that shows how this works.

The advantage of this design is a reduction in glare and better beam control. From the driver's seat of your vehicle, you should notice a consistent beam pattern and ease in finding the right configuration for the weather conditions.

nightrider led dark hooded reflector example

Edgeless Design

The new edgeless design of this light bar doesn’t just look minimal and sleek. Without screws and bezels, it is much more difficult for ice to collect on the outside of the unit. 

This means less wind friction and noise while driving - which can be a real pain in cold, wet environments. Driving with an obstructed LED bar can also be dangerous, and you don’t want to spend too much time outside scraping buildup off your lenses. 

nightrider led edgeless design

Compact Light Bar Options

The Jet Black Series comes in compact sizes too. Northern Light Bars stocks 3” High Power Cube lights, and 6” compact bars. These products are available in flood and spot patterns and flush mounting options.

Compact light bars are ideal for Canadian winters, thanks to their internal Temperature Control Systems to create maximum output without overheating

Should I choose Street Legal or Extreme?

The Jet Black Series comes in these two categories. When deciding which one is right for you, think about how much time you see yourself spending off-road in the future.

If you put in hours on hard-to-navigate roads far from any light source, especially when there is a lot of snow or rain involved, Extreme is probably the right choice. These models have higher light output without the risk of overheating, so you can depend on powerful lighting when you need it most.

This model comes with a black lens cover, which is required by most Canadian light bar laws for highway travel. You definitely do not want to be around other drivers with these high-powered LEDs uncovered.

However, if you only find yourself off-road every now and then, you may be better off with Street Legal bars. They are ECE R112 certified, which makes them street legal as auxiliary driving light bars in .  BC

The Street Legal collection is still powerful enough to handle tricky lighting conditions when necessary. Also, most ECE-certified bars top out at 20 inches across, while this Series is available in 30 and 40-inch bars.

Go With the Best Light Bars in Canada

When the first Ford Model T cars rolled off assembly lines, Henry Ford allegedly said “any customer can have a car painted any colour that he long as it is black.”

We think that Ford was on to something. The Night Rider lights LED Jet Black Series looks great, especially for those looking for a minimal style. Thankfully, it’s versatile and designed for performance too.

Complete your truck’s blacked-out look with the Jet Black Series. Still have questions about finding the right setup for your vehicle. Talk to our experts today!