Explore the Benefits of Heated Light Bars

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Explore the Benefits of Heated Light Bars

LED light bars allow drivers to go deeper into the outdoors for work and play.  And while innovative technology and bulletproof materials get the job done in most situations, there’s one thing that can really mess up your day-- cold weather. 

Driving in snow and ice leads to buildup on your unit, which can hinder performance. Thankfully, heated LED bars are becoming popular and readily available, so you can drive through snow and freezing rain stress-free. 

Read on to find out more about the benefits of heated light bars, and our favourite street-legal models

Why Choose a Heated LED Light Bar?

The reason why heated LED light bars are necessary for cold climates has to do with their design.

If you have ever touched a lit halogen light bulb, you may know why these kinds of lights do not need a deicing system. This is because the heat generated from a halogen bulb transfers through the glass on the bulb, which keeps the surface free of ice buildup. 

LED’s are a different story. Most do not produce heat (in the form of infrared radiation), so they rely on a different system for deicing. This system looks like an internal grid pattern that activates and heats up when the vehicle starts, just like the rear window defrost on your car. Or, they may activate when a built-in sensor notices that the temperature outside is dropping.

With all this in mind, you may still be wondering if you really need a heated LED bar. Here’s why it could be a smart choice:

Preventing Unwanted Noise

Snow and ice buildup on your vehicle can be a cause for headaches. Once enough of it collects, it can result in increased wind resistance and friction, which some drivers claim can get noisy while driving. 

If unwanted noise is a problem for you, you may want to consider edgeless light bars, like our new Night Rider Jet Black Series

Winter Work Environment

If you operate a vehicle or snowplow in cold winter weather, then wondering how to keep snow off your LED light bar is probably one of your biggest headaches. 

If you notice a decrease in brightness during a long night of work or spend too much time improvising how to keep snow and ice off your lights- then you could be saving time and effort by switching to a heated version.

Heated LED Light Bar Buyers Guide

When looking for a heated light bar, try to look for products with a self-activated heating system so you don’t need to remember to turn it on yourself

Also, consider the most important elements that signify a high-quality light bar, like chip type, weatherproofing standards, and mounting compatibility. We go into these features in-depth in our Buyers Guide for Cheap vs. Expensive LED Light Bars article.

Here are our top picks for heated LED light bars.

20” Heated Nightdriver Series Double Row ECE - NightRider

The 20” Heated Nightdriver Series is a street-legal product that is a bestseller for good reason.

 A hands-off sensor activates the heated lens when the temperature falls below 20℃, and 14,400lm of illumination from OSRAM LED chips are enough for most off-road needs.

Also, this light bar is street-legal ECE-certified and has a dual mounting system with a narrow profile. 

6” Heated Nightdriver Series Double Row ECE - NightRider

Like its larger cousin, the 6" Heated Nightdriver Series packs a punch with 4,320 lm and self-activated heating. 

But its smaller size allows for more mounting options, especially since they can be purchased as a single unit or a pair.

Keeping You on the Road All Winter Long

At Northern Light Bars, we won’t let the tough Canadian winters keep you from getting the most out of your light bar. Our NightRider products match the highest standards in illumination technology with the durability to survive sleet, snow, and ice.

Shop our entire collection of heated products, and get in touch with our experienced team if you have any questions about finding the perfect light bar for your rig.